Installation and Setup

    Project setup

    For your own regional SONAX website, there are just a few steps to go.

    1. Find a partner

    It is up to you if you want to manage the Website with all maintenance on your own. Still, we recommend finding a freelancer, agency, or colleague familiar with webdesign and in particular with WordPress. This freelancer or agency should support you in all question roundabout hosting, maintaining WordPress, and do all your customizations.

    2. Installation and Setup

    Your partner has to install a WordPress with the SONAX Theme and the required plugins for you. We recommend a look in our installation guide. Furthermore, they have to give you access to your WordPress for creating and editing the website products and contents.

    3. Domain

    If you don´t have already have a domain, contact the SONAX digital marketing team to get access to your regional SONAX top level domain. To reveal the Domain to your new SONAX website based on WordPress, we have to know your new Website's IP-Address.

    4. Content and Products

    Now you have to build your Website with your local products, regional content, navigations, etc.

    If you have questions or need support, don't hesitate to contact us.



    1. Install a WordPress (Talk to your provider, webmaster or web designer)
    2. Download the SONAX WordPress theme
    3. Install and activate the theme(s). If you plan to translate or customize the theme please activate the child-theme (not the parent-theme!)
    4. Please follow additional instructions that are shown to you (e.g. plugin activation and Woocommerce Setup) to correctly initiliaze the theme.
    5. READY! Have fun. For any support or to get all information about new features have a look at the support section.