Sonax Wordpress Theme

Last update July 19, 2024 at 08:28
Version 2.9.0

The sonax Wordpress Theme enables our partners to provide a brand-aligned website or webshop with the most popular websitebuilder WordPress. The theme offers features to build quick and easy editorial websites to promote SONAX products.


Have a look at the features included and the features yet to come. The Installation and Setup sections guide you on how to set up your project and the website itself.

Feel free to contact the product team if something is missing or you have feedback.

Attractive product overview and detail pages

Present the best car care products. In addition to extensive product information show zoomable product images, galleries with application images, usage steps, application videos and much more.

Create beautiful pages with custom SONAX blocks.

Inline editing and "drag 'n drop" makes webdesign as easy as possible. You don´t need to have any experience in coding.

Templates for quick publishing

Publish news, event reviews, press releases fast and straightforward.


Integrated "Right-to-Left" support to display all languages in the appropriate reading direction.

Full responsive webdesign for a great mobile user experience

More features

  • easy import of product data
  • customizations with plugins and child-theme support.

Many more features are in planning. For more information, have a look at our roadmap

Why you should use the theme

  1. All elements of the theme are designed in conformity with the brand. This eliminates additional coordination efforts, and you can start right away.
  2. The intuitive user interface of WordPress allows even beginners to build websites and manage content.
  3. With the help of plug-ins, you can add many functionalities like newsletter subscription, google optimization, analytics, and forms.
  4. As the most common Websitebuilder, the big community around WordPress provides a lot of help, knowledge, and customization.